3rd project meeting in Poland


In the end of October 2013, project partners got together in Warsaw, Poland. They were discussing during two days current project progress as well as planning following activities needed for successful implementation of LiCEA project.

Warsaw 1Warsaw2


To summarize the outputs from meeting, few points were clarified in order to start with drafting the LiCEA tool:

1) LCA vs. Energy Audit

LCA - vertical analysis of a product itself X Energy Audit - horizontal analysis of whole production process within SME

There will be taking into account combination of both approaches (horizontal + partly vertical)

2) Physical visit of Energy Auditor in SME

Energy Auditor will spend most probaly 1 working day inside the company. Just in exceptional case of more complex production visit might take 2-3 working days.

3) SME with more branches is still counted as 1 energy audit

Carrying out 3 audits in 3 branches of the same company is still counted as 1 audit.

4) Audit report

Audit report will be pre-defined and automatically exported, containing all information in compliance with national legislations

5) LiCEA tool

LiCEA tool will be mos probably in the form of EXCEL SHEETS. Excel provides all needed functions and formulas, moreover is flexible and simply to modify calculations. It will be possible to export Energy Audits directly from Excel thanks to macros.

6) Timeline of following activities

NOVEMBER 2013: fulfilled 5 questionnaires in each partnerĀ“s country from 5 SMEs

FEBRUARY 2014: 1st draft LiCEA tool

MARCH 2014: 1st pilot industrial energy audits carried out in province Mantova, Italy

APRIL 2014: 4th project meeting in Mantova, Italy + 1st pilot industrial energy audits in all partnerĀ“s countries in given industrial field

JUNE-AUGUST 2014: carried out remaining 35 industrial energy audits in all involved countries

SEPTEMBER/NOVEMBER 2014: 5th project meeting held in Bratislava, Slovakia

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