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Local Energy Agency

Address: Piazza Sordello, 43 - 46100 Mantova, Italy

Contact person: Nicola Galli

Specification of the field:

The Agency was set up to promote energy saving and renewable energies within the province of Mantova, where the critical environmental situation, particularly the traditional energy production, requires a strong effort to facilitate a sustainable development through the utilization of cleaner and greener energy. The Agency stimulates the development and the implementation of a local integrated strategy in collaboration with local public and private stakeholders, starting from the Local Energy Plan. AGIRE offers its support to the local authorities in the achievement of their objectives and strategic planning on renewable energies, as well as the development of a range of initiatives with other local, regional and national bodies, and provides technical support to the manufacturing and agricultural SMEs willing to implement innovative and technologically advanced solutions in the field of RES and energy efficiency.

Role in the project:

AGIRE is a project partner and Leader of WP3 - Guidance LiCEA. AGIRE plays role of Technical Coordinator for production of a guidance document on energy audit for SMEs which is crucial for following application of LiCEA tool.


AGIRE was established in 2006 with the support of the Intelligent Energy - Europe programme. The Agency is a Local Interests Centre in the field of energy efficiency and RES for the area of the province of Mantova (Lombardy Region), able to drive the different needs of the Demand and Supply toward the most efficient solutions in the interest of the Community. An ambitious goal for an ambitious Agency.

The Agency offers a wide number of services on the territory: Informative Packages, Professional Consultancy Services targeted for Manufacturing SMEs, Farms and Public Institutions, such as: grant request writing, residential and Industrial buildings energy auditing, energy business plans, energy saving solutions, projects, etc. The Agency provides at the complete realization of Pilot Projects on sustainable energy policies, in collaboration with its main Shareholders: public Institutions and private Companies involved into energy issues.

Target audience: Local Government and Public Bodies; SMEs; Families.

The Agency proposes:

  • An integrated approach on a wide area (at a provincial level).
  • A joint action of various subjects interested and involved in the local development policy.
  • A strongly coordinated action on the territory. AGIRE, promoter of the "Fo.R.Agri. Programme" together with the Lombardy Region and the Province of Mantova (RES and Energy Saving in the Agriculture Sector), won the "Sustainable Energy Europe Award Competition 2008" in the "Demonstration & Dissemination" Category and the KlimaEnergy Award 2011.

EU projects:

  • AGIRE Energy Agency Start Up (IEE Programme).
  • AlpEnergy (Alpine Space Programme) - On Smart Grids development.
  • EGS (IEE Programme) - On Teaching Energy Efficiency at School.
  • LiCEA (Central Europe Programme) - On Energy Auditing and LCA in Industry.
  • AlpStore (Alpine Space Programme) - On Energy Storages for Smart Grids.
  • DanubEnergy (Central Europe Programme) - On Biomasses exploitation.
  • EPIC 2020 (IEE Programme) - On Bioenergy Symbiosis: Ports integrated in cities.

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LiCEA Training Seminar in Slovakia

LiCEA Training Seminar in Slovakia

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