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Agency for Innovation and European Cooperation

Address: Jelačičova 8, 821 08 Bratislava, Slovakia

Contact person: Tina Igličar

Specification of the field:

Agency for Innovation and European Cooperation (AIEC) operates two independent legal entities with strong synergies between them, where each of them is contributing in different way to the general Vision of AIEC.

  • Non-governmental organization (AIEC NGO) aims to contribute to the development of Slovakia and generally to the whole region of Central & South East Europe by realization of non-profit oriented projects addressing AIEC Vision.
  • Limited company (AIEC s.r.o.) is focusing to provide high quality consultancy and advisory services for different types of public or private stakeholders in region on of Central & South East Europe.

AIEC with its activities addresses 3 core areas:
- Regional development activities
- International cooperation and internationalization

- Research and Innovation

To address these challenges AIEC activities are realized by highly qualified international team including experts from Slovakia, Czech republic, Slovenia, Spain and UK.

Role in the project:

AIEC plays key role as Leader of WP2 - Communication and dissemination. It ensures communication within consortium, promotion and dissemination of project´s progress, outputs, activities and results to wide range of audience in order to make LiCEA project attractive and known in whole Central European Territory.


Vision of AIEC is Central & South East Europe region as the region with:

- Well developed infrastructure as the base for economic growth
- Growing ratio of Knowledge based economy
- Highly innovative enterprises focusing on providing of services and products with High Value Added
- Friendly, simple, transparent and supportive frameworks for entrepreneurship activities
- To be the best region to live, work, study and do the business.
We believe we can contribute in the development of our Vision through:
- implementing of wide spectrum of non-profit projects, promote the dialogue and strong partnership with relevant actors (activities performed by AIEC NGO)
- providing high professional consultancy services supporting the development projects and activities of our partners - public or privates stakeholders

Employees of AIEC has long time experience in the implementation of projects financed from TransCop programs - South East Europe TCP and Central OP (e.g. Clusters-Cord, C-Plus or InoPlaCe, InTraMED C2C, LiCEA) as well as ICT related FP7 projects (COIN). AIEC staff has also experience from the management and coordination of large project partnerships when the AIEC employees participated as external experts in projects Autoclusters (SEE TCP), AutoNet, ClustersCord, InoPlace (Central OP).

Latest news

19 December

LiCEA project at Enermanagement Conference

LiCEA project at Enermanagement Conference

Around 200 energy managers, energy experts and technicians participated at Enermanagement conference dedicated to the energy management. The event held on 4th December 2014 in...


18 December

LiCEA Final Conference in Mantova

LiCEA Final Conference in Mantova

On the 16th December 2014, the Final conference of the LiCEA project took place at the AULA MAGNA of the University of Mantova. One-day conference was hosted by Province of...


04 December

LiCEA Training Seminar in Slovakia

LiCEA Training Seminar in Slovakia

AIEC in cooperation with external LiCEA auditors provided the employees of SIEA with the training on how to get oriented and how to use LiCEA Tools for simplified auditing of...