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Project´s Start LiCEA Guidance document
(defines simple and efficient indicators necessary to a preliminary analysis of the production processes and SMEs situation)
LiCEA Tool and 1st application
(shows the energy consumption of every single process in the production chain and the total energy cost, highlighting the processes and phases more expensive in terms of energy and inefficiency, in a LCA perspecitve, with suggestion of general solutions)
Training seminars for Local Energy Agencies
(organised for further exploitation of LiCEA by the Local Energy Agencies with result of more energy saving opportunities - multiplier effect)
involvement of SMEs and LiCEA Tool application to industrial district
LiCEA final Tool and guideline
(The electronic instrument allows the execution of a simplified industrial energy audit, LCA based, according to the LiCEA Guidance document, tested and optimized after the real check and application and ready for a large-scale use)
LiCEA Tool demonstration
(Each Project Partner motivates, supports and helps public institution to update their energy plan considering the LiCEA tool utilization as an action to achieve the energy targets of the local energy plan)
Final Conference